The Artistry of Etiquette and International Cross-Cultural Etiquette have become partners in training and consultation in decorum and protocol.

We train you in the social skills from introductions, hosting and dining to dating, conversation, correspondence, fashion and beyond,

Access to the top floor requires etiquette and proper decorum.

The Importance of Etiquette

Etiquette is a code of polite behavior in a society. It is kindness and the consideration of others. Knowing how to handle yourself in various situations contributes to your ease and comfort and that of others and protects the feelings of all involved in social exchange. Etiquette is multifunctional. Along with providing a more gracious society it also provides personal security. The knowledge of etiquette aides you in being self-confident and poised. It also gives you that added ability to protect yourself in certain personal and professional encounters. It is an all around means of self improvement and self management.

Emotional Intelligence Quotient in Etiquette

 I am an International etiquette and protocol consultant/teacher,  and corporate trainer. I am an Emotional Intelligence Quotient practitioner and therapist. I consult from a background of social psychology and EQ which gives insight into using etiquette from the head and from the heart. The basis of etiquette is a consideration for others, respect, kindness, and politeness. Etiquette came into being over history to give instruction for a kinder more chivalrous society. EQ turns that instruction from simply a set of cultural rules to a way of life that contributes to a happier, kinder existence. EQ introduces a series of important features one must possess, some of which are self-awareness, motivation and empathy. These features are key to applying etiquette to your daily life.Training in etiquette intelligence and emotional intelligence  lead to fulfillment and happiness, better social and business  relationships, and a more successful life. My expertise is in the field of training people to transcend boundaries and acquire the skills to excel in the social graces and master the art of decorum. For 25 years I have taught people how to be at their best both in social and in business situations, instructed multi-national corporation directors and employees to do business with their counterparts from other countries and cultures. I have trained students to study, live and work in foreign countries and guided people into a position of confidence and success in their lives.

The Importance of Cross-Cultural Etiquette and Protocol

Cross-Cultural awareness is essential to understanding a growing globally connected world and navigating around it. Being aware of how people from different cultural backgrounds see life,time,family and business will help you in your travels, relocating,business deals and general relationships.    

If you are interested in being at the top


Today the demands of a global economy require you to always be at your best. You need to have a good command of  the social graces both in social and business settings. Instruction in etiquette helps you to be well acquainted with the various areas of proper decorum in order to give you the tools you need to succeed.

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