Specialization Courses

Finishing Touches

Special finishing school training deportment and carriage. Instruction in gracious living. Motivation, confidence, handling extraordinary situations, the merit of good graces, and making a lasting impression. 

Self Image Training

Manners Matter

Etiquette course for children. Instruction in proper behavior, kindness, and consideration of others, table manners, social decorum for children and teenagers 

Etiquette Online

We are an online generation and online learning is essential in overcoming distance issues. These training sessions can be individual or in a group

Body Language and Other Forms of Non-Verbal Communication

Words express ideas. Expressions and gestures express emotions. It is essential to have the ability to understand body language and facial expressions and  micro expressions to realize what your body language is communicating and to be able to understand others better. This is a tremendous extra ability that will benefit you in your personal and professional endeavours.

Brush Up Courses

Quick help for that upcoming interview or formal ball, cocktail party or business mixer. Last-minute social guide and conversation tips

Dating Etiquette

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Social Exchange

  • Understanding the foundations of appropriate communications and relationships, be it social or business, requires an understanding of emotional intelligence, EQ/EI. The E.I. framework consists of -Self-awareness -Self-management
  • -Motivation & Resilience-Empathy-Relationships.  EQ is essential to study in-depth. A human personality study that aides you in all your endeavors. I am a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner and therapist. I can assist you in achieving your most personal and professional goals.